Collections Featuring Joe's Work

BATMAN Masterpieces
Watson Guptill

Frank Collection, The
By Jane and Howard Frank
Paper Tiger

Infinite Worlds
By Vincent Di Fate
Penguin Books

by Mark Evanier
Watson Guptill

MAD Cover to Cover
Watson Guptill

Paper Tiger Fantasy Art Gallery
Edited by Paul Barnett
Paper Tiger

Secret Oceans, The
By Betty Ballantine
Bantam Books

SPECTRUM Art annual, 1994 thru Present
By Arnie and Cathy Fenner
Underwood Books

Star Wars Galaxy, The Art of, Vol.2
Written and Edited by Gary Gerani
Topps Publishing

Superman, The Golden Age
By Les Daniels, from the Superman Masterpiece Edition, Chronicle Books

KONG: King of Skull Island, DH Press, 2004

Merian C. Cooper's KING KONG, St. Martin's Griffin, 2005

Partial Bibliography of Cover Artwork

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An Old Friend of the Family by Fred Saberhagen (Tor, Nov ’92) (with Ivan Zorad)
Batman: No Man’s Land by Greg Rucka (SFBC, Feb,2000)
Bloodletter by Warren Newton Beath (Tor, Aug ’94)
Bones of the Earth, Michael Swanwick, 2002, Eos, 0-380-97836-9, $25.95, hc
Butcher Bird by Dean Ing (Tor/Forge, Nov ’93)
Catnap: A Midnight Louie Mystery by Carole Nelson Douglas (Tor, Mar ’93)
Cat in a Crimson Haze by Carole Nelson Douglas (Tor/Forge, May ’95)
Cat in a Diamond Dazzle by Carole Nelson Douglas (Tor/Forge, May ’96)
Cat With an Emerald Eye by Carole Nelson Douglas (Tor/Forge, Oct ’96)
Cat on a Blue Monday by Carole Nelson Douglas (Tor/Forge, May ’94)
Cat in a Flamingo Fedora by Carole Nelson Douglas (Tor/Forge, May ’97)
Cat on a Hyacinth Hunt by Carole Nelson Douglas (Tor/Forge, Jul ’98)
Catnap by Carole Nelson Douglas (Tor, Dec ’98)
The Cold One by Christopher Pike (Tor, Dec ’95)
The Crystal Sorcerers, William R. Forstchen+Greg Morrison, 1991,
Avon Books, 0-380-76021-5, $3.95, pb
The Crystal Warriors, William R. Forstchen+Greg Morrison, 1988,
Avon Books, 0-380-75272-7, $3.50, pb
The Cold One by Christopher Pike (Tor, Jan ’95)
Doc Savage: Flight Into Fear by Kenneth Robeson (Bantam Spectra, Mar ’93)
Doc Savage: The Forgotten Realm by Kenneth Robeson (Bantam Spectra, Nov ’93)
Doc Savage: The Frightened Fish by Kenneth Robeson, (hp:Murray, Will) (Bantam Falcon, Jul ’92)
Doc Savage: The Jade Ogre by Kenneth Robeson, (hp:Murray, Will) (Bantam Falcon, Oct ’92)
Doc Savage: Python Isle by Kenneth Robeson, (by:Murray, Will) (Bantam Falcon, Nov ’91)
Doc Savage: The Whistling Wraith by Kenneth Robeson (Bantam Spectra, Jul ’93)
Doc Savage: White Eyes by Kenneth Robeson, (hp:Murray, Will) (Bantam Falcon, Mar ’92)
Double Blind by Sara Stamey (Ace, May ’90)
Earthfall by Jerry Earl Brown (Ace, Jan ’90)
Fiends by John Farris (Tor, Sep ’90)
Fire on the Mountain by Terry Bisson (Avon, Feb ’90)
The Forever King by Molly Cochran & Warren Murphy (Tor, Jul ’92)
The Further Adventures of Batman 2: Featuring the Penguin ed. by Martin H. Greenberg (Bantam Spectra, Jul ’92)
The Further Adventures of Batman Volume 3: Featuring Catwoman, Martin H. Greenberg, 1993, Bantam Spectra, 0-553-56069-7, $5.50, pb
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The Listeners by Christopher Pike (Tor, Jan ’95)
Lords of Creation by Tim Sullivan (AvoNova, Apr ’92)
Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives, Carole Nelson Douglas, 1998, Tor/Forge, 0-312-86435-3, $23.95, hc
Monsters in Our Midst ed. by Robert Bloch (Tor, Nov ’93)
Moon Dance by S. P. Somtow (Tor, Jan ’90)
The Nemesis Mission by Dean Ing (Tor, Oct ’91)
The Nemesis Mission by Dean Ing (Tor, Sep ’92)
The Palm Dome by Liz Fulton (Bantam, Jan ’91)
Psycho House by Robert Bloch (Tor, Mar ’90)
Pussyfoot: A Midnight Louie Mystery by Carole Nelson Douglas (Tor, Apr ’93)
Silent Thunder / Universe, Dean Ing+Robert A. Heinlein, 1991, Tor Double, 0-812-50265-5, $3.99, pb
The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin (Bantam, Mar ’91)
Tyrannosaur, David Drake, 1993, Tor, 0-812-53530-8, $4.99, pb
Valentine, S. P. Somtow, 1992, Tor, 0-312-85145-6, $21.95, hc
Vampire Junction by S. P. Somtow (Tor, Sep ’95)
Vanitas, S. P. Somtow, 1995, Tor, 0-312-85513-3, $23.95, hc
Walkers by Graham Masterton (Tor, Aug ’90)
Wonder Woman: Gods and Goddesses by John Byrne (Prima, Oct ’97)
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Harper Collins Adventure
Classics, 2005
The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells, Harper Collins Adventure Classics, 2005

Card Sets Joe’s Work Appears In

Skybox Master Series / DC Comics Edition - 1994
Skybox / Superman Forged In Steel – 1994
TOPPS / Star Wars Galaxy Series 2 - 1994
Skybox / Batman Master Series - 1995
Fleer / Ultra Spiderman 1995
Fleer / Spider-Man Premium 1996
Fleer / SkyBox - 1996
FPG / Tarzan Adventures- 1995

FPG/Fantasy Art of Joe DeVito - 1995

Card List

No. Title

1 Watersong
2 The Stepford Wives
3 Someone Came To Play
4 The House of Caine
5 Blood Letter
6 Here I Stay
7 Bones of the Moon
8 The Palm Dome
9 The Fog
10 Psycho House
11 Psycho II
12 Excavation
13 An Exchange of Doves
14 Playing for Keeps
15 Ripper
16 Psycho I
17 Dream of Falling
18 The Jade Ogre
19 Fiends
20 Death Sleep
21 Webs
22 Kaheesh
23 Kindred Spirits
24 The Snow
25 Doll with Blood
26 Masques
27 The Lucky Piece
28 Moondance
29 Dark Reunion
30 The Changing
31 An Old Friend of the Family
32 Vanitas
33 Animals
34 Valentine
35 Goblins
36 Vampire Junction
37 Hand and Grave
38 Hadron
39 Walkers
40 Tyrannosaur
41 Ceratosaurus Head
42 Parasaurolphus with Babies
43 Robo Rex
44 Dinosaur Plots
45 Kong - Unfinished
46 Predator
47 Battle Circle
48 Legacy of Lehr
49 Doomsday Warrior A
50 Doomsday Warrior B
51 Voice of Our Shadow
52 Dragonstar Destiny
53 Omega Sub - Death Dive
54 Crystal Memory
55 Steele I
56 Steele II
57 Software
58 Hellrider II
59 Hellrider III
60 The Oil Rig
61 Crystal Sorcerers
62 Omega Sub
63 The Battle of the River Plate
64 The Kill Riff
65 Fire on the Mountain
66 True Detective
67 Doc Savage - The Frightened Fish
68 Doc Savage - The Forgotten Realm
69 Doc Savage - White Eyes
70 Doc Savage - Giant Python Sculpture
71 Dreamer
72 Farewell to Russia
73 Double Blind
74 Secret Oceans - Night Dive A
75 Secret Oceans - Night Dive B
76 Final Command - Heads
77 Final Command - Space Ships I
78 Final Command - Space Ships II
79 Secret Oceans - Escape!
80 Secret Oceans - Trapped!
81 Fiend
82 Lords of Creation
83 Eclipse
84 Doc Savage - Back Cover
85 Crystal Warriors
86 God Is My Co-Pilot
87 Io
88 Pestis 18
89 Sample Montage
90 DeVito Checklist

Metallic Cards

M1 Monsters In Our Midst
M2 Wetwear
M3 The Black Hole Affair
M4 Doomsday Warrior
M5 Night Strike